Don’t let your confidence seep through the cracks.

Normal sunscreens

Crack with facial movements, allowing harmful UVA and UVB rays to penetrate and damage your skin.

D-UV Clear White

Contains Stretchable UV Protection that gives you protection that doesn’t crack, chap or smudge all day long.

White Solution sun protection for brighter, smoother skin.

Formulated with deep-sea micro algae and scutellaria herb extract to whiten and brighten your skin.

Stretchable UV Protection

Lasting UV Protection that stretches with your facial movements all day long without cracking, protecting you from harmful UV penetration.

Reapplication Over Makeup

Ultra-light textured cream allows for reapplication of sunscreen while keeping makeup intact, and without clogging pores.

Oil-Free Formula

Ultra airy-light texture formula that is easily absorbed without leaving a shiny look or greasy after-feel, that looks naked on your face all day long.

Other Features

Water & Sweat Resistant

Stays on all-day-long, and doesn’t fade or smudge with water or sweat.

Protection & Brightening

Deep protection with anti-aging, brightening and brightening properties.

UV Sensory

Cap turns purple when UV is detected, reminding you to reapply.

How To Use

Take a pea-sized amount of sunscreen onto your palm.

Use fingertips to dot on forehead, cheeks, and chin.

Smooth evenly over entire face to ensure full coverage.

Wait for the sunscreen to set before applying makeup. Reapply the sunscreen if needed.

Step 1

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Take Your Pick

Perfect for
Pigmented or Dull skin

D-UV CLEAR White Solution

Perfect for
Pigmented or Dull skin

D-UV CLEAR White Solution

Brightens & clarifies skin

Infused with whitening ingredients and Vitamin C to brighten and even out complexion

Stretchable texture

New formula with ultra-light texture that doesn’t crack with facial expressions, while giving deep UV protection

D-UV Guard+

Deep UV protection all day long even against the longest UVA wavelength

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Perfect for
Dry or Wrinkled Skin

D-UV CLEAR Aqua Day Serum

Perfect for
Dry or Wrinkled Skin

D-UV CLEAR Aqua Day Serum

Hydrates & firms skin

Infused with hydrating ingredients and super antioxidants to protect skin from dehydration and aging

Lasting moisturisation

Refreshing dewy texture that moisturises and hydrates extensively throughout the day

D-UV Guard

Moisturises and protects against even the longest UVA wavelength all day long

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Can D-UV Clear Aqua Day Serum be used as a makeup base?

Yes, it is an excellent makeup base thanks to its light analyzing technology that complements your look, and brightens skin. It’s uniquely resistant to water, sweat and sebum, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

What makes Astalift D-UV Clear sunscreens so different from normal sunscreens?

Unlike normal sunscreens that only provide limited protection against UVA and UVB, D-UV Clear Aqua Day Serum provides optimal broad-spectrum protection against UVB and even the longest UVA wavelength that can penetrate and damage the deepest layers of your skin.

How does D-UV Clear Aqua Day Serum help with anti-aging?

D-UV Clear Aqua Day Serum is specifically formulated to protect your skin against accelerated moisture loss from UV exposure. It also contains super antioxidants and moisture-boosting ingredients that make you look younger, all while keeping your skin hydrated all day long.

Is D-UV Clear Aqua Day Serum suitable for me?

D-UV Clear Aqua Day is a high performance, multi-functional sunscreen that is recommended for all skin types. It provides broad-spectrum UV protection with all-day skin hydration, has anti-aging properties, and feels light, dewy and comfortable on any skin type.

What is the difference between D-UV Clear White Solution and D-UV Aqua Day Serum?

D-UV Clear White Solution contains the newly formulated D-UV Guard+ that doesn’t crack with facial expressions, all while brightening, clarifying and protecting your skin from UV thanks to its whitening ingredients and Vitamin C. On the other hand, D-UV Aqua Day Serum firms up and protects your skin from dehydration all day long, all while protecting your skin from UV.

Can I use both D-UV Clear White Solution and D-UV Aqua Day Serum at the same time?

Both sunscreens give you comprehensive protection on their own. But at your liking, you can use the D-UV Clear White Solution when going outdoors to enhance brightening and reduce skin redness, and the D-UV Aqua Day Serum when indoors to protect from deep UVA rays that can penetrate windows and curtains.

Do I need to use a makeup remover to cleanse D-UV Clear sunscreens from my face?

No. A mild daily cleanser (i.e Moisture Foam/Fibre Foam) will adequately remove the sunscreen from your face. A makeup remover is required only if you are also wearing makeup with your sunscreen.


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