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Protecting Yourself Online

UOB's multi-layer security programme is designed to keep your data safe and sound but having a few extra preventions doesn't hurt either.

A few ways to keep your computer secure is by:

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Creating Secure Passwords

A strong and complex password wards off hackers. Jazz up your password with a mix of lowercase and uppercase, numbers and special symbols. Avoid using your name and birthday or reusing the same password.

Our sample of passwords below will show you what a strong password looks like.

Suspicious websites /Phishing scams

UOB and our partners will never ask you for your password, PIN number or One-Time Password (OTP)/Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) over the phone, email or SMS. If you encounter an email or notification asking for any of the above, you can be sure it's a scam.

Unauthorised activity?Here's what to do.

If you suspect that your account has been compromised, here's a checklist of how to remedy the situation:

Scam Calls

Scam callers cook up all sorts of stories in order to trick you into giving away your details or making a transaction. Example:

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