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From an array of social marketing campaign apps that matches your marketing objectives.

Voting Contest

Forms & Survey


Hashtag Branding

Photo Contest


Easily change and customize your campaign app from descriptions, covers, how to & T&C to suit your requirements.



Measure the success of yur campaign. Understand what works and improve with better effective marketing camapgins that your customers want. Know your influencers and measure what they say related to your campaign.

Marketing ROI

People Analytics

External Insights

See how Hamele can help your social marketing needs.

Who's Using Hamele

Run an array of proven successful marketing campaigns

Use the best tool that suits your marketing objective

Social Contest

Get more sales and reach by running social contests that extend it to twitter, instagram and Facebook.

Amplify Your Events

Engage your audience with our intuitive offline to online social tool. Not only that, take your marketing further by rewarding your audience with our build-in contest feature.

Curate your social streams

Curate media from your social streams and turn them into a Montage , Sweepstakes , Live Photo Wall and other cool campaign types.

Multiple Channels

Your campaign can be viewed on Hamele website, embed into your websites or easily install to your facebook page with our 1 click installer.

Reports and statistics

Gain insight of your campaign with our simple yet informative reports and statistics. Learn about your fans and grow them.

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